We are thrilled to welcome the internationally renowned speaker Kevin Hennah at our very own Old Library. This is a great opportunity to delve into the world of libraries like never before!

Kevin Hennah is widely recognised as an expert in the field of libraries, with a particular focus on merchandising and design. His wealth of experience and passion for libraries has empowered institutions and professionals worldwide, helping them create vibrant and relevant library spaces that truly engage and serve their communities.

On May 17th, we are expecting approximately 25 attendees from other school libraries and local library services. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of our participants promise an inspiring exchange of ideas and knowledge, fostering growth and innovation within the library community.

The event, “Maintaining Relevant Libraries with Kevin Hennah,” will be a day filled with insightful discussions, practical strategies, and visionary perspectives. From adapting to the evolving needs of library users to implementing innovative merchandising techniques, Kevin Hennah will share his expertise on how to create library spaces that are both meaningful and impactful.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. Let’s come together at the Old Library and embark on a journey of knowledge, innovation, and community building. See you there!