Eltham College actively engages with the community by opening its doors and offering its facilities for collaboration and learning. In a recent partnership with St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, made possible by Mottingham Big Local Refocused, Eltham College showcased its commitment to outreach programmes and community impact.

St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School had the opportunity to participate in a productive CPD session facilitated by artists Rutie Borthwick, Veronika Neukirch, and Diana Puntar. This enriching experience aimed to promote professional growth and well-being among the school’s teachers and staff.

During the session, Diana Puntar utilised a slideshow and postcards to share ideas and stimulate creative discussions. Veronika Neukirch explored the connection between art and music through a painting-to-music exercise. Rutie Borthwick guided participants in exploring sacred geometry and overcoming perfectionism.

Our involvement extends beyond individual partnerships. The CPD session with St. Vincent’s is part of the Gerald Moore Gallery’s broader “Art Therapy and Wellbeing in Schools” outreach project. By collaborating with schools, Eltham College actively promotes art therapy, creativity, and holistic well-being in education, benefiting the wider community.

For schools and organisations seeking bespoke CPD workshops and well-being programmes with an artistic approach, Eltham College welcomes inquiries. Interested parties can contact The Gerald Moore Gallery at [email protected] or 02088570448.

These initiatives contribute to stronger, connected communities and reflect our commitment to making a positive impact.