The dedication and talent of our Eltham College High Performance athletes have once again shone brightly in the second half of the academic year. From remarkable swimming achievements to impressive displays in skiing, ballet, fencing, athletics and many more, the students have excelled both locally and nationally. Mr. Thorogood, the Head of High Performance Sport, highlights the remarkable accomplishments and ongoing triumphs of Eltham’s sporting stars:

The second half of the academic year has once again yielded great success for our High Performance athletes as we continue to see them flourish on the sporting scene both here at Eltham College and on a wider national scale.

We start with swimming. Having alluded to the ranking places achieved by Hayden Sanders in volume 1 of our HPAP Sporting success, he has taken his swimming to greater heights in recent weeks. At the Kent Championships he achieved sixteen golds and 1 silver to make his mark on the county scene this year, and then, rather impressively, he dominated the regional meets with an astonishing seventeen gold medals across all events. At the same level, Veronique Crozet rose to the occasion taking home two silver and one bronze as she too made her presence felt. Regional success has gone to Ed Lecuyer, Ethan Southward and Chloe Shiu with Kevin Cao, Jess Shiu & Leo Maros all ranking nationally also.

In Skiing, Adam Cornick and Boden Kelly both impressed at the LSERSA Regionals with 1st and 2nd placings respectively. Alex Lancaster impressed in the British schools championships with a superb gold medal in the U21 category, with Boden Kelly taking away a gold and silver at U16 level. At the Kents, Lily Farraday, Isaac Brown, Santi Harrison, Alex Bosviel, Boden Kelly, Zach Szollosi and Oscar Jones registered 1st places across the lower secondary and senior secondary categories.

Our Ballet and Fencing stars have been hard at work with Megan Jarvis gaining selection to the Royal Ballet school this summer and Emelia Loertscher performing exceptionally at the Italian Grand Prix and gaining selection the Canadian Ballet school. In the coming months and Dara Litvaitis competing on the national stage also. In Fencing, Vivienne-Leigh Peter showed great promise at the public schools fencing champs with an impressive top 34 finish.

Our athletes have once again impressed with Emily Cadman leading the way. Emily has registered several impressive performances in the indoor and outdoor competitions this season with wins at 60m, 300m and 200m as well as being named the Dick Wyer ‘Best in English Schools’ athlete for 2022, breaking Dina Asher-Smiths 100m U15 record in the process*. Tom Ravenscroft, Ethna Mudhay, Christine Kadiri, Olly Buck, Sam Holloway and Emily Cadman have been selected for the London Schools athletics team and this follows 11 of our students representing Greenwich in the London cross country championships. Special mention as well to Theo Treadwell who went well at the regional triathlon.

In netball we have seen Kent selections for Ziva Nellycherry, Onali Jayawardena, Freya Sezgin, Lucy Fatani, Emily Cadman, Christine Kadiri and Riva Watkins and in addition to this Christine Kadiri has represented Kent at the national finals.

In Hockey we have seen county and regional selection for Noah Wilde, Florian Brasch, Zach Perrott, Frans-Louis Van Schalkwyk, Raffa Dekkers, Tilly Stafford and Ben McLoughlin and a note of congratulations must go to Cam MacQuarrie who completed his first season at National League level at Wapping HC as an U16.

Cricket has seen further success as Ammaar Arafat was selected for Surrey U10 and Akhil Venugopalan, Zach Perrott, Seb Laperna-Murray, Hunter Caldwell, Felix Annabel, Rob Welensky, Cassius Perrott, Thomas Handley, Emmeline Cox and Raya Fernandes all being selected for Kent. We must also congratulate Yasir Arafat our Cricket professional on gaining his Level 4 coach’s licence.

In football, Harry Clout has been recognised by Portsmouth FC and offered a place on their scholarship programme. Golf has seen further success with the 1st team reaching the reginal finals and Max Murray continues to impress for Kent as he goes from strength to strength on the course.

Our High Performing teams have shown great success across the last few months with the following notable performances:

X Country – 16th In the National finals

Intermediate Boys Athletics – Regional Runners up

Cambridge Cup Year 7 Boys Athletics – Runners up

Cambridge Cup Year 7 Girls Athletics – Runners up

U12 Hockey – Kent Champions and 4th in London

U13 Hockey – Kent Champions and 2nd in London

U16 Hockey – National runners up

U18 Hockey – Kent Champions

U13 Netball – Kent Runners up

U18 Netball – Kent bronze medallists

Golf – Regional finalists

Tennis U13 – Kent Doubles Champions

Mr Thorogood

Head of High Performance Sport

*Emily Cadman recorded a 12.25 in the U15 100m that broke Dina Asher-Smiths record held since 2009.