In sweltering conditions but armed with bottles of water, the second half of the Year 7 Scholars group enjoyed a twilight session run by School Archivist, author and Geography teacher Mr Andrew Beattie. Having begun with some class based work on the history of the College and its local surrounding the group ventured to the far reaches of the estate. As well as surveying some cloud formations( such as there were on such a hot day) Mr Beattie explained the significance of the River Quaggy and the hard engineering used as it passes by the edge of our fields to speed the progress of rainwater to other parts of the borough.

Mr Cavendish was able to share some photos of Sutcliffe Park during the one or two occasions in the year, when the Quaggy bursts its banks and, intentionally floods the central area of the park. The students greatly enjoyed this exploration of their own backyard.