Tuesday 4th October is the second school day inside of Black History Month. And what a day it was!

Eltham College continued the celebration by welcoming Founder of Checkboard, James Owusu, to speak on his “unconventional journey” in entrepreneurship from school, to dropping out of university, to founding a multimillion pound company.

His main messages were centred on:
1. Taking ownership for your own growth
2. Living in your legacy through aspiration

  1. Making the most of the life you have, not affording yourself superficial excuses

One pupil was so engaged he stayed behind to continue the conversation.

Always great to see inspiration work in real-time. Black History is being made right now!

This year’s refocus of telling Black British stories, old and new, is proving valuable to all pupils at the school and I am certainly looking forward to the 7 talks still to come!

Please check out James’ recent interview with Business Anecdote for a glimpse of what was covered here.

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