What we do here

Community is an important aspect of the ethos at Eltham College. Our school community goes far beyond students and parents.

Our outlook at the school is both local and international. Our students are encouraged to help in both smaller and larger community partnerships by taking part in community service in Lower Sixth, working in local schools, nursing homes and on various other community support projects. We also proud to support charity work in Uganda through our strong ties with the International Needs charity and our community of students, parents and staff have this year provided generous humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine.

Examples of Eltham College in the Community include:

  • Community Service
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme volunteering
  • The Independent-State Schools Partnership
  • Inviting local residents and state school students to our new lecture series
  • Use of the Eric Liddell Sports Centre by the local community
  • Use of the Gerald Moore Art Gallery by the local community
  • Fund-raising for a range of charities
  • Humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine
  • Support for a range of charitable initiatives in Uganda through our strong International Needs charity ties
  • Regular litter-picking teams in Chislehurst, working with the Chislehurst Society