Life at Eltham

Welcome to the Eltham College Journal, offering you a glimpse into the incredible experiences, inspiring talks, educational trips and excursions, and memorable events that our students are attending during our academic year 2023-2024.

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Life At Eltham
07 Dec 2023
Smart Cities 2023
Life At Eltham
04 Dec 2023
Electric Guitar: Are friends Electric?
Life At Eltham
01 Dec 2023
Pandas: not so black and white
Life At Eltham
30 Nov 2023
Crypto Currencies: Cash meets Computing
Life At Eltham
28 Nov 2023
Pebe Sports Bra Workshop
Life At Eltham
23 Nov 2023
Gene Editing
Life At Eltham
22 Nov 2023
Manipulating Multiplication
Life At Eltham
17 Nov 2023
Exploring The World of Philosophy
Life At Eltham
14 Nov 2023
Consciousness: From Descartes to Dennett