International Students

International Students

Joining Eltham College at 16+

Eltham College is delighted to extend a warm welcome to international students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau seeking entry into our vibrant Sixth Form programme (16+).

At Eltham College we value the diverse perspectives and enriched experiences international students bring to our community. Therefore, to facilitate a seamless application process to our school, we encourage all applicants from these regions to engage directly with our representative office in China. All applications originating from Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau will be efficiently channelled through our representative office to ensure a smooth and responsive handling of your candidacy.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding Eltham College’s international recruitment process in any these specific regions, we kindly encourage direct communication with our dedicated representative office. Please reach out to:

Mr. Leo Zhao
Tel: +86 15010387228
Email: [email protected]
WeChat: 15010387228

At Eltham College, we take immense pride in cultivating an inclusive and supportive global environment, embracing cultural diversity and nurturing talent from various corners of the world. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity of welcoming enthusiastic and talented individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds into our vibrant academic Sixth Form community, fostering growth, excellence, and mutual understanding.