Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At Eltham College

At Eltham College, our teachers, nurses, school counsellor and Chaplain ensure our students are supported academically and emotionally every day. Our nurses regularly attend form time to speak with students to discuss the importance of keeping their minds and bodies healthy, and how best to do this. Our School Counsellor takes group sessions to discuss key challenges being faced by our students, and holds one-to-one sessions with students where needed.

Our Wellbeing Curriculum is built around the ‘5Rs’ framework: Resilience, Respect, Relationships, Responsibility and Readiness. The curriculum is overseen by our Head of Wellbeing, Mrs Nicola Bilsby. Students from Year 7 through to the Sixth Form take part in various lessons that focus on different aspects of these five areas. Details can be found in our Wellbeing curriculum.

The Foxbury Gazette, published originally during the first lockdown by our Head of Wellbeing, is full of articles and activities to support student wellbeing whilst learning remotely. Eleven editions have been published to date and available for both students and parents.

A series of Parent Talk videos have been produced by the Wellbeing team and our Teachers to help Parents recognise when their children may need additional support and to provide guidance on discussing those sometimes sensitive topics with their children.

Eltham College

School News

The latest leg of the Hans Woyda Mathematics Competition concluded on Wednesday with an impressive showcase of mathematical skills at St Dunstan’s College.
Some challenging questions which the Year 7 Scholars enthusiastically grappled with led by Head of Geology and Geography Mr Paul Angel.
For our second ‘Meet The Teacher’ interview this academic year, we sit down with the Deputy Head at the Junior School, Joanna Dudley.
Dr Davies delivered a most entertaining and informative presentation to the Year Nine Athenaeum this week on the subject of the electric guitar, the playing of which has been a lifelong passion.