School Fees

School Fees

Termly Cost

The Governors of Eltham College have set the 2023/24 school fees as:

Per Term
Junior School £6,518.00
Senior School £7,929.00
Sixth Form £7,929.00
Lunch £363.00


Kindly note that Eltham College does not offer sibling discounts on fees.

Exams: These will reflect the exact cost from the examination boards and, as such, have not yet been published for the next academic year.

Music: a 30-minute individual music lesson will be £24.20 per lesson.

A commitment payment of £2,500 is payable at the time of accepting a place at Eltham College. Should the accepted place not be taken up, without the required written notice, an account for a term’s fees (minus commitment payment) is payable.

All fees and charges are payable by Direct Debit. Payment of tuition fees may be made either each term on 1 September, 2 January and 1 April, or by ten consecutive monthly instalments commencing on 1 August. Sundry charges are collected separately on 1 September, 2 January and 1 April.

Eltham College has an established scheme that allows parents to pay for two or more complete academic years of school fees in advance in return for a modest discount on those fees. The level of discount increases with the number of years in advance that fees are paid. Please email [email protected] for a personalised advanced fee calculation and for full details of the terms and conditions attached to the scheme.

The level of fees is reviewed in March each year. The Governors reserve the right to vary tuition and other charges from time to time. Fees are expected to be paid promptly. Outstanding debts will be recovered by the College, including interest and legal fees where necessary.



A student’s attendance at Eltham College shall be terminated only by the parent giving a full term’s notice in writing to the Headmaster, prior to the beginning of the last school term to be attended by the student, or alternatively by payment of the fees for a full term. A term’s notice of withdrawal from private music tuition is required and the termly fee will be charged if notice is not given. Half a term’s notice of withdrawal from lunches and from the school coach service is required and the termly fee will be charged if notice is not given to the Bursary.

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Latest News

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Choosing the right university is an important decision that can shape one’s future career trajectory.
In preparation for their trip to the East Midlands in early July, Mr Beattie delivered a fascinating talk about the places we will be visiting, mostly but not all centred in the East Midlands.
You may have thought that the defining characteristics of Eurovision were outrageous costumes, dodgy judging and the UK doing badly….