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A Brief History of Eltham College

Eltham College is a school with a long history dating back to 1842, when it was founded as a boarding school for the sons of Protestant missionaries serving overseas. It has since moved locations several times, and has undergone many major developments over the years. Some of these developments include the creation of a separate Junior School, the admission of girls into the Sixth Form, the ending of boarding, and the construction of new facilities such as a swimming pool, performing arts centre, sports hall, library, music school, and art gallery. In 2020, girls were accepted into the lowest years of both schools for the first time and the school will be fully co-educational across its whole age range (7-18) by 2024.


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Latest News

The latest leg of the Hans Woyda Mathematics Competition concluded on Wednesday with an impressive showcase of mathematical skills at St Dunstan’s College.
Some challenging questions which the Year 7 Scholars enthusiastically grappled with led by Head of Geology and Geography Mr Paul Angel.
For our second ‘Meet The Teacher’ interview this academic year, we sit down with the Deputy Head at the Junior School, Joanna Dudley.
Dr Davies delivered a most entertaining and informative presentation to the Year Nine Athenaeum this week on the subject of the electric guitar, the playing of which has been a lifelong passion.