Foxbury Medical Centre

Foxbury Medical Centre

Medical & Wellbeing at Eltham

A brand new £3 million state-of-the art wellbeing centre opened in 2019.

The Centre contains medical treatments rooms, rest rooms, space for the school counsellors, nurses and chaplains, as well as the Head of Wellbeing. They are there to help any member of the school community including students and staff.

The onsite medical team is led by the School Nurse and her team. They, together with the counsellors and Chaplain provide support to students academically and emotionally every day. Our nurses regularly attend ‘form time’ sessions to speak with students about the importance of keeping their minds and bodies healthy, and how best to do this. Our School Counsellor takes group sessions to discuss key challenges being faced by our students, and holds one-to-one sessions with students where needed.

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