Mervyn Peake Library

Mervyn Peake Library

Named after the famous English author, poet, and former pupil, the Mervyn Peake Library is at the heart of the College and is an open space for students to read, work on computers, use books for information gathering, work alone or collaboratively, or revise.

The Library is used by Sixth Form during lesson times, and so is a quiet working area. During break and lunch time, however, the library is a buzzing hub of activity, with students working, revising, choosing books and reading. The library also opens before and after school.

The Library Catalogue is also accessible online and via an app so that students can quickly find out if the resources they need are held in the library, and if so, reserve them to pick up at their convenience. In addition, there are several online databases which are accessible to students inside or outside of the College via this website.

Mrs Roche, in collaboration with the English Department, invites authors, poets, illustrators and other relevant guests to visit the College throughout the year to speak to both Junior and Senior School students. A wide range of authors, covering both reading for pleasure, and enhancement of English topics, are invited to speak either in person or online

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