We are delighted to announce that Eltham College Economics teacher, Miss Hampton Armstrong, has been selected as a finalist in the Outstanding New Teacher of the Year category for the Teaching Awards Trust.

Since joining Eltham College in September 2022, Miss Hampton Armstrong has shown incredible commitment to achieving an optimal learning environment that has been transformative for our students and the Economics department.

Miss Hampton Armstrong has quickly proven herself to be an inspirational teacher. Here at Eltham College, we aim to provide a holistic education, where academic capabilities are nurtured alongside dedicated pastoral care and a co-curricular programme that allows the talents of all students to be explored. This type of environment can only be produced if all parts of a school community (academic, pastoral, and co-curricular) are thriving. We are incredibly fortunate to have someone who personifies this concept in Miss Hampton Armstrong, making her a perfect role model within the Eltham College community and the teaching profession at large.

Mr Chesterton, Head of Politics and Teacher Training, says, “We are delighted that Amelia’s remarkable contribution to life at Eltham College has been recognized. She has made a significant impact on the academic, pastoral, and co-curricular life of the school and on her students since joining us in September 2022. We wish her the best of luck with the remainder of the process and will support her the best we can!”.

Miss Hampton Armstrong adds, “I am honoured to be recognised as a finalist in this competition. Eltham College has such a wonderful teaching environment where I am lucky to be able to combine my passion for education and sport on a daily basis. I have learned the value of good teaching from those around me and find true fulfilment from helping students achieve their goals.”