Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

for Senior School and Sixth Form

Academic, Sport, Music, Art, Chess and Drama Scholarships are available for 11+ and 16+ entry, as well as means-tested financial bursaries for families who may not be able to afford the fees.

Applications for Scholarships and Bursaries must be indicated at the time of registration on the registration form.



A number of scholarships are available for Senior School and Sixth Form candidates who fulfil the normal academic requirements for entry into the College. Scholarships are awarded at the Headmaster’s discretion, following the appropriate assessment and interview, on the basis of merit to the most able or to candidates who show considerable potential.

At 11+ entry Academic Scholarships are available as well as scholarships to recognise talent and ability in Sport, Music, Drama, Chess and Art. They are awarded on equal basis to students from the Junior School and external applicants.

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships are available to both current Eltham College students and external applicants. Drama Scholarships can be applied for as well as a limited number of Sports, Music, Chess and Art Scholarships.

Scholarship Criteria


Bursaries may be awarded to those Senior School and Sixth Form parents who need financial assistance in order to pay the school fees. The value of a bursary as a proportion of fees will be dependent upon the financial circumstances of parents and will take into account their combined assets.

Applicants for bursaries will be considered on the basis of their performance in the College entrance examinations and at interview, and are given at the Headmaster’s discretion. If a bursary is awarded its value will be reviewed annually. Children applying for bursaries may also qualify for scholarships.

If you wish to apply for a bursary you must indicate this at the time of registration. You will be asked to complete a separate application, provide documentary evidence of your financial circumstances, and accommodate a home visit during which an independent assessor will validate your application with you.

There are specific hardship funds for which parents may be eligible, dependent upon meeting specific criteria. These include the French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust which supports families with (French) Protestant connections. In the past beneficiaries of this Trust have included the sons of Anglican clergy or Protestant church workers. In addition, the Milton Mount Foundation supports children associated with the United Reformed Church and Congregational Churches.

If you wish to apply for these funds you will be required to complete a separate application.

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