To mark Poetry Week, we hosted our annual House Poetry Competition, inviting our pupils to express their creativity around the theme of ‘home’. We had some incredible entries, and it was very hard to select just one winner per house.

Pupils were tasked with writing a poem about what ‘home’ meant to them. That could be a poem that made them ‘feel’ like home, it could actually be about their home, our planet, etc. After careful consideration, our teachers faced the difficult task of selecting the four winners from all of the entries. Ultimately, the following pupils were the ones who took their awards home: Jude claimed the top spot for Moffat, Yueci followed closely, earning second place for Chalmers, Elena secured third place for Livingstone while Amara earned her fourth place for Carey.

As Poetry Week concludes, we, at Eltham College, celebrate the power of words to inspire and uplift, reaffirming the importance of creative expression in our school community.