Throughout the Summer and into the Autumn, our sporting students have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes and away from school life.

A considerable number of students represent clubs and districts throughout the calendar year and there are a number who go on to gain recognition at academy, county, regional, professional club and national level. We are delighted to share the success of those students as we head into the second half of the Michaelmas term.

Emily at the U15 England Schools National Athletics Championships

In athletics we rewind back to the start of the summer holidays where Ethan Mudahy and Emily Cadman competed in the English Schools national finals in Manchester. Ethan performed superbly in the 100m and took 4th place in the relay team event. Emily stole the show however with a gold medal, 1st place finish in the 200m and was crowned the English School’s national champion.

Daniel Horgan placed 4th in the 800m at the Youth Development League with Theo Tredwell and Tom Ravenscroft both enjoying mini marathon success, finishing first in different age categories at 2 separate events.

Amelie, British Champion at U17 and U20

In Fencing, Amelie Tsang has gone from strength to strength competing in several events and championships across the continent with consistent success. We are delighted to share the news that Amelie has been crowned British Champion at U17 and U20 levels and has been selected for Great Britain at the Senior and Junior World Cups, Senior Grand Prix and both European and World Championships. We look forward to hearing about further success for Amelie.

Our Hockey players have been busy trialling over the summer and its with great pleasure that we inform you that Noah Wilde, Henry Slack, Florian Brasch, Ben McLoughlin, Frans-Louis Van Schalkwyk, Rafa Dekkers, Zach Perrott, Cam MacQuarrie and Tom Leadlay have all made great strides with London South Hockey having been selected. In addition, Ludo Jones has been selected for the Holcombe talent academy.

Year 7 student, Megan, competed in the nationals of England Dance.

On a Gymnastics and Ballet front, Tessa Chapman and Megan Jarvis have been outstanding. Tessa competed in the London classic event and came 1st on beam, 2nd on bars and 3rd overall. Megan has had incredible success as she took the National Dance Finals by storm as she won 2 gold and a bronze across all disciplines.

Our Swimmers continue to impress. Kevin Cao is Kent County champion in the 100m and 200m Freestyle. He won 2 silvers at London Regional Championships in the 800m Freestyle and the 200m Freestyle. Ed Lecuyer, Jess & Chloe Shiu have been busy competing at county and regional events and have had some outstanding success with top four finishes across a range of disciplines. Hayden Saunders has taken swimming success to new levels. Hayden is ranked 1st in the UK at U11. He is the 2nd fastest in Kent history at 800m Freestyle and 2nd fastest in Kent in the 200m IM.

Lourenco Correia Fitzgerald has done fantastically well to be selected for the Saracens DPP in rugby with Alex Bush continuing with the Saracens PDG set up.

Netball continues to grow and in that, the student success outside of school continues to flourish with Riva Watkins and Christine Kadiri selected for the Kent academy and both Emily Cadman and Madeline Tynan selected for the London Pulse set up.

Finally, in cricket we are thrilled to confirm that Akhil Venugopalan, Vaibhav Garimella, Felix Annabelle, Hunter Caldwell and Seb Laperna Murray have all been selected into the Kent academy at U17, U15 and U13 levels respectively.

Many congratulations to all our sporting stars. We very much encourage students and parents to share their sporting success stories with us and in that, particularly at academy, county, regional, professional club and national level.