Join us for an inspiring evening with Cerrie Burnell – a renowned Broadcaster, Actress, and Author. Many of your sons and daughters, and even some of you, are already familiar with Cerrie from her vibrant presence on BBC children’s programs and her role as a co-presenter during various BBC Paralympics broadcasts.

In addition to her remarkable career in broadcasting, Cerrie has graced television screens with her talent in several dramatic series. Her creative abilities extend beyond the screen, as she has also authored captivating children’s books. Moreover, Cerrie has played a pioneering role in raising awareness about disability, becoming a true advocate for inclusivity.

Cerrie’s passion for making a difference extends to her involvement in well-known charitable organizations, such as the Foundling Museum. By joining us for this special evening, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Cerrie and be inspired by her incredible journey.

Book your free tickets now for an inspiring evening with Cerrie onsite at Eltham College, London, SE9 4QF, starting at 6:30 PM. Click here to reserve your place.