We are delighted to announce the unveiling of a new art installation, ‘The Garden of Hope,’ today at 4pm at The Gerald Moore Gallery. The installation revolves around the theme of transformation and celebrates the interconnectedness of hope, action, and change.

Situated in the glass link, ‘The Garden of Hope’ showcases meticulously crafted animals and plants made from recycled materials. Local artists Mary Banker and Eliana Peracchio led a series of 18 workshops involving 400 schoolchildren from Blackheath Prep, bringing this captivating installation to life.

The Gerald Moore Gallery takes immense pride in hosting ‘The Garden of Hope’ as the fourth stop on its journey across South East London. The installation initially debuted at Blackheath Prep and has continued to captivate audiences at Lewisham Shopping Centre and the Albany at Deptford Lounge.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome visitors to the Gerald Moore Gallery and share this remarkable art installation with them.