Two Eltham College teams returned yesterday from the thrilling three-day Blood Bowl World Cup held in Alicante. This international event, featuring nine games against teams from nine diverse countries, including Australia and Andorra, proved to be an exhilarating journey for our teams. Their remarkable performance included victorious encounters against numerous adult competitors.

Following a format akin to the Davis Cup in tennis, where six individual games contribute to the overall team score, each moment at the event was filled with excitement and pressure. The competition took place within the expansive confines of a centre that accommodated an impressive 2500 participants from around the world. On numerous occasions the rubber went to the last game to finish, putting immense pressure on the last competitors to secure a victory for their team.

George C and Aaron T demonstrated remarkable composure under pressure, with Aaron even staging a remarkable comeback from a 2-0 halftime deficit to secure a draw, ultimately turning the tide in favour of ECBC. These achievements truly exemplify the dedication and skill of our Eltham College team.

Our teams exhibited unwavering focus throughout this three-day event, facing off against predominantly adult opponents in this intricate yet immensely enjoyable strategy game. While the team t-shirts donated by the Melbourne squad might take some time to grow into, our students have undeniably made the school proud.