The human kidney took centre stage this week as our Year 10 students delved into the key processes of ultrafiltration and selective reabsorption. Our students brought the nephron, the kidney’s functional unit, to life using plasticine models.

The kidney, often hailed as one of the most remarkable organs, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the body’s internal balance. Filtering approximately 1 litre of blood per minute, it reabsorbs essential molecules like glucose while leaving only urea and other waste for excretion in the urine. Only about 1ml of urine is produced from this process.

Understanding the two key mechanisms of ultrafiltration and selective reabsorption is no small feat, especially when grappling with complex terms. Our Year 10 students rose to the challenge and through the creation of plasticine models, they visualised the nephron, and gaining insights into its structure and function.