From Earth To Mars

On Monday, Eltham College students were treated to an inspiring careers talk by Alberto Villanueva, Architecture Programme Director at leading digital media and design institution, Ravensbourne University London.

In an event hosted by the Art department at Eltham College, Professor Villanueva spoke to a lecture room packed with Eltham College students interested in a career in architecture. He covered the role and purpose of architecture, its evolution into an exciting and inter-disciplinary profession that works at the cutting-edge of many other economic sectors – including film and media, fashion, culture, education and sustainability – as well as how it continues to be at the forefront of the built environment and contemporary place making. He spoke about the importance of modern architects being versatile, the growing range of opportunities for them across a wide range of sectors, and joining their industry professions such as the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Professor Villanueva spoke about his own career and how it had developed in a number of countries in Europe including Spain and the Netherlands as well as the UK. He has also undertaken assignments in Spain, South Korea, China, Slovenia, Italy, France, UAE and the USA. He covered questions such as the role artificial intelligence will play in shaping the future of the profession. His projects have included working with fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the Sphere in Las Vegas involving Artificial Intelligence, and even working with NASA regarding potential future installations on Mars. He has also undertaken work with local community projects in south London. Many of the more than 40 students attending asked questions too.