On Tuesday, 6th February, the Junior School became a hub of excitement as we celebrated Lunar New Year with some exciting workshops that allowed our pupils to immerse in the tradition.

Following a lively assembly in the morning, during which pupils voted for the teacher who best represented a dragon, they took part in several workshops throughout the day. Some began the morning with calligraphy brushes and Chinese ink in hand, skilfully painting impressive dragon pictures. In the meantime others participated in a dynamic martial arts workshop run by South Bank University. Here, pupils learned basic martial arts moves while practicing speaking numbers in Mandarin, blending physical activity with language learning in a fun and interactive session.

Much to the delight of our pupils, perhaps something they particularly enjoyed was the lively Mock Market simulation where pupils were encouraged to use Mandarin to purchase New Year items, applying the numbers they had previously learned in Mandarin lessons.

These workshops not only celebrated Lunar New Year but also fostered cultural appreciation and language skills among our pupils at the Junior School.

A special thank you to our parent volunteers and South Bank University for making this celebration an enriching experience for our pupils.