Today at Eltham College Junior School, we started the day with a meaningful journey of reflection and empowerment as we celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week. With the theme “My Voice Matters,” our assembly engages with our pupils in discussions that resonated deeply with their well-being and self-expression.

Throughout the assembly, our pupils delved into the significance of understanding the ways in which their voices can be heard and expressed. From verbal articulation to non-verbal communication, we explored the diverse avenues through which every voice finds resonance and significance. At Eltham College, we believe in nurturing an environment where each child’s voice is valued, respected, and celebrated.

Central to our discussions was the recognition of every child’s right to express their views and have them heard and considered. In fostering a culture of open dialogue and empathy, we empower our pupils to articulate their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations authentically.

As we concluded the assembly, our pupils left with a renewed sense of self-awareness and empowerment, understanding the impact of their voices in shaping their experiences and relationships in and outside the school. At Eltham College, we remain committed to promoting mental well-being and ensuring that every child’s voice is heard, valued, and cherished.