Eltham College embraced the festivities of Lunar New Year with a week-long celebration, igniting the school with cultural richness.

Throughout the week, our students took part in a plethora of engaging workshops designed to immerse them in the traditions of the Lunar New Year. From the art of Chinese tea tasting to Chinese calligraphy, each workshop offered a unique glimpse into the Chinese culture.

Wednesday brought a delightful addition to these cultural activities with a delicious Chinese-themed lunch. Students savoured traditional flavours and dishes like sweet and sour pork, fried rice, pak choi and char siu chicken, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the celebration. Oh, and let’s not forget the fortune cookies!

One highlight of the festivities was the Chinese poem recital competition, where students showcased their linguistic skills and appreciation for Chinese literature, while the dragon mask-making workshop sparked creativity among our pupils.

Throughout the week, the school has buzzed with excitement as we have explored, learned, and celebrated together, fostering cultural understanding and unity within the Eltham College community.