Designing The Future

The Year 7 Academic Scholars enjoyed a presentation by the Head of Design Technology  Mr Quinton which explored the nature of design in its many and varied forms and then the perhaps more challenging question of what constitutes great design? The students looked at some design classics such as Bic Biro and some of the country’s iconic road signs before moving on to consider  AI generated design. It was interesting to hear about the students current use of AI which led into an interesting discussing about the opportunities and challenges it offers.

Mr Cavendish informed the group that when they are a little older they will get the opportunity to participate in the National Articulation competition; this is where students have to talk about a work of art, architecture or an artefact that has inspired them. In the regional final last year, in which a student from Eltham College participated, one of the competitors spoke about a piece of art generated by A1. How the world is changing.