School Archivist, author, historian and geographer Mr Andrew Beattie entertained the members of the Year 11 Colloquium with his talk about the Princes in the Tower.

As befits someone with interests in both disciplines, the talk featured place as well as attempting to unravel the past; we swept from Ludlow to Bosworth, Stony Stratford to the Tower and perhaps most poignantly a car park in Leicester. In his talk Mr Beattie examined the strengths and weaknesses of the various theories about what might have happened to the Princes.

He considered the evidence from a recent book by Phillipa Langley,  The Princes in the Tower: Solving History’s Greatest Cold Case, which formed the basis of a Channel Four documentary broadcast last November  Watch The Princes in the Tower: The New Evidence | Stream free on Channel 4  Perhaps most appropriately in a talk thinking about the power of myth and subjective history, the story of the unearthing of Richard III’s body in the car park showed what is possible when science, determination and a bit of luck join forces.

Perhaps one day these forces may tell us what exactly happened to the two Princes?