We are proud to announce that Eleanor, Miles and Tristan won Frankly Speaking Senior Debating Competition as well as the best individual speaker prize (Eleanor) and the runner-up individual speaker prize (Miles) at the US Embassy yesterday.

Eleanor’s exceptional performance not only earned her the best individual speaker award but also placed her as the highest scoring individual in the Year 12 and 13 bracket. As a result, she has been nominated for a place at the esteemed Benjamin Franklin Fellows Summer Institute, a six-week program hosted at Purdue University in Indiana. More details to follow.

The judges from the Benjamin Franklin House, Daughters of the American Revolution and the US Embassy were all very impressed with how well our students performed across all 3 debates.  Their impressive display of eloquence, critical thinking, and poise truly exemplifies the spirit of Eltham College.

Congratulations to Eleanor, Miles, Tristan, and the entire debating team on this remarkable achievement!