This week marked another fantastic chapter for our Year 3 students as they ventured to Windmill Hill for their much-anticipated residential trip. Our pupils engaged in a wide array of activities, each designed to challenge them and provide a wealth of fun learning experiences outside the classroom.

The adventure began with micro scooting, where students tested their balance and speed. The excitement continued as they took on climbing and abseiling, pushing their limits and overcoming heights. Aeroball and zip wire activities added an extra thrill, offering pupils a chance to soar through the air and experience the rush of wind.

Evenings at the camp were just as eventful with a traditional campfire, where they gathered to share stories. The silent disco provided a modern twist to their night time entertainment, allowing them to dance the night away in this unique, quiet way.

These activities not only enriched our pupils with physical skills but also nurtured teamwork, courage, and resilience among them. The residential trip to Windmill Hill was a resounding success, filled with memorable moments that our pupils will cherish. It’s moments like these that improve our pupils’ educational journey, adding layers of learning through play and interaction that go beyond the traditional classroom setting.