On Wednesday, our Year 4 pupils embarked on a very exciting residential trip to Liddington, where they embraced new adventures, laughter, learning, and the spirit of exploration.

During their time in Liddington, our pupils have had the opportunity to take part in a variety of fun activities designed to build their confidence and teamwork skills. From soaring through the air on the zip line to mastering precision in archery, each pupil has had the chance to challenge themselves and grow. The forest exploration was a particular highlight, offering a chance to connect with nature and learn about the environment first hand.

Each activity, whether it was the excitement of the zip line or the focus required for archery, was met with enthusiasm and determination. These experiences not only fostered a sense of community among our pupils but also helped them discover new strengths and interests.

The trip to Liddington has been a wonderful opportunity for our Year 4 pupils to develop their independence and resilience outside the classroom. We are incredibly proud of how they supported each other through new challenges and look forward to seeing these young adventurers continue to thrive.