Those working to decrypt codes have always been interested in frequency analysis “ the study of the frequency of letters or groups of letters in a ciphertext.”

It was perhaps surprising therefore to be deploying this technique along with the Year 8 Scholars in a lesson led by Spanish Teacher Mr Fernando Nieto Almada. Or maybe not? The theme of the lesson was understanding the structures of unfamiliar languages based on some “encrypted” information. The students proved very adept at this and in doing so were learning all about linguistic structures and the relationship of signs/symbols and ideas. Not that far away from coding and as such beautifully capturing the essence of the Scholarship programme…Connections.

Mr Cavendish mentioned to the students, that in Year 11, the Scholars will visit Bletchley Park as part of their residential visit. He pointed out that the sort of people who were recruited to join the code breaking teams were: Mathematicians, Chess Players, Crossword Puzzle Solvers and Linguists!