Despite children already knowing a lot about living life online, our Year 4 and Year 6 pupils took part in separate e-safety workshops, taking the conversation one step further.

Through a series of fun, drama-based activities, our pupils engaged in this workshop. Year 4 used both their bodies and minds to ponder some significant online safety questions. For example, how does our digital footprint affect us? Where does that video go when we put it online? What impact do our words and actions have on others? And, crucially, who and where can we turn to if we ever need help?

Our pupils discussed strategies for keeping safe online and the importance of protecting personal information, explored how to use technology safely, respectfully, and responsibly, and also expressed ideas and feelings through voice, movement, role play, and drama.

The workshop our Year 6 pupils took part in was slightly different. Theirs challenged them to navigate the digital landscape while avoiding the temptations of in-app traps, resisting the urge to play late into the night, and managing their emotions when faced with losing a game.

They learned more about in-app purchases and age ratings, examined safe user habits for electronic devices, discussed the concept of a ‘habit’ and understood why an addiction is more than just a habit, and expressed ideas and feelings through voice, movement, role play, and drama.

These workshops were not only an ideal activity for Safer Internet Week but also an invaluable learning experience for our pupils. We are now hoping our pupils are more aware of the digital world and their place in it. By fostering these critical thinking skills and promoting a safe online presence, we are preparing them to navigate the internet with confidence and care.