This week, our Year 6 pupils embarked on what we believe was an unforgettable residential trip to France.

To immerse themselves in the culture and history of the region, our pupils had the opportunity to stay in a chateau. The chateau served as a perfect base for our young adventurers to explore and learn. There were several highlights of the trip, such as the visit to the Bagatelle theme park where our pupils enjoyed the exciting rides and attractions. It was a day full of fun and laughter, especially since they were also celebrating Mrs. Wearmouth’s birthday.

During their trip, they also visited the aquarium, where students marvelled at the diverse marine life. From colourful fish to majestic sea creatures, the aquarium provided a glimpse into the underwater world. The educational experience was both fun and enlightening, sparking curiosity and wonder among our pupils.

Throughout the trip, our pupils not only had a fantastic time but also learned valuable lessons about teamwork, independence, and cultural appreciation. The activities and excursions were designed to be both enjoyable and educational.

The Year 6 residential trip to France was a tremendous success. They truly made the most of this wonderful opportunity, creating memories and learning experiences that will last a lifetime.