Article written by Fleur (Y8)

Our creative writing trip to the historic city of Norwich began sunny and early on Thursday the 6th of June, as we all arrived at Eltham College at about 7:30 AM. Shortly after that, we boarded the coach and were on the way by 7:50; we took a directly northeast route and passed by Cambridge, and the atmosphere on the coach was exciting and hyper. Soon enough, we arrived near the centre of Norwich at 10:45, and after choosing packed lunches, set off.

As we walked to the London Street, famed for being the first main shopping street to be completely pedestrianised in 1967, we passed by the Anglican church St Peter Mancroft, which was originally established in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 15th, where there appeared to be a D Day service. As we walked, everyone enjoyed snacking on flapjacks, mars bars and crisps, until we arrived at the Book Hive on London Street, where we enjoyed browsing the books and even buying a few!

Eventually, we arrived at Dragon Hall, where we ate lunch, before participating in an excellent workshop run by a published poet, Daisy. We enjoyed several activities including: Ekphrasis – we were given several postcards and wrote a descriptive sentence about each to form a poem, one where we were shown a poem about wrestler turned Hollywood actor Andre the Giant and inspired to write our own poems containing facts and fictions about a celebrity of our choice, and N – 7, where we were given a poem and told to replace all of the nouns with the noun closest to the seventh word beneath it in the dictionary, which was great fun, as many of ours made little sense and were hilarious!

After the amazing workshop, we walked back to the bus and departed Norwich at 2:30, and once again had great fun on the bus, before arriving back at Eltham College at about 5:40, it was a very fun trip!