On Friday 7th June, author of ‘Africa is Not a Country‘ and senior editor at VICE, Dipo Faloyin, gave an insightful talk to our Lower Sixth this morning exploring the homogenisation of Africa since the Berlin Conference of 1884 and the Scramble for Africa. The impact of this and the perpetuation of harmful media images reduced the diverse continent of over 1.22 billion, where over 3000 languages are spoken, to images of poverty and safaris. He spoke of the importance of education and the need to better understand and explore multiple stories of people and places to help us in removing stereotypes and the impacts that they are having.

Dipo’s talk sparked thoughtful discussions among our students, highlighting the importance of critically engaging with media representations and embracing diverse perspectives. It served as a poignant reminder of the power of education in fostering empathy and dismantling stereotypes.