On June 9, we hosted the Fencing Kent Championship at the Eric Liddell Sports Centre, where we surpassed expectations and won most of the medals by the end of the day.

In the Under 10 category, Alisa (Y5) and Sasha (Y5), who both began fencing in Year 3 were crowned winners for this category. Alisa (Y5) faced a formidable opponent in the final, trailing 9-6, but rallied to a 10-9 victory, showcasing her tenacity. Meanwhile, Sasha (Y5) triumphed over Henry (Y5), who was competing for the first time, leveraging his experience and skills. Henry’s commendable performance, despite being a novice, is a testament to his potential. In the semi-finals, Henry had a well-fought match against Brandon, also from Y5.

For Sophie (Y4) who finished 7th, Kai (Y3) who finished 8th, Brandon (Y5) who finished 3rd, and Henry (Y5) who finished 2nd, this marked their debut competition, and their enthusiasm and motivation to train further were palpable.

In the Under 12 category, Harriet (Y6) secured 3rd place, while Zara, also from Y6, finished 6th. Albert (Y6) finished 14th after being defeated by the category’s winner. Harriet’s frequent participation in fencing camps during holidays reflects her competitive experience, whereas Zara, who is at the early stages of her fencing journey, uses every opportunity to improve her skills. Albert, known for his diligent work ethic, continues to strive for excellence, something we are very proud of.

Vivienne (Y8), who finished 2nd in the Under 14 girls’ category, faced a formidable opponent from the Latvian national team in the final. Despite starting fencing in Year 7, Vivienne’s dedication and commitment to regular private lessons have propelled her to remarkable progress. Her consistent involvement in competitions since her debut reflects her unwavering passion for fencing, which is incredible.

Finally, in the boys’ category, Mihir (Y9) finished 2nd, while Lukai (Y9) finished 3rd, displaying exceptional performance, ranking 1st and 2nd respectively after the initial rounds. Though the eventual winner prevailed over both, Mihir, Lukai, Abhay (Y7), who finished 8th, and Hunter (Y8) who finished 9th, began their fencing journey at the Junior School, demonstrating enduring dedication and a promising future. Ali (Y8) finished 6th, despite only starting fencing last year, and Zayd (Y8) finished 4th, counting this as his third competition this year, exemplifying the diverse and active participation within our fencing community.

Final Placings at Fencing Kent Championship

Under 10 Girls
Alisa (Y5) – 1st
Sophie (Y4) – 7th

Under 10 Boys
Sasha (Y5) – 1st
Henry (Y5) – 2nd
Brandon (Y5) – 3rd
Kai (Y3) – 8th

Under 12 Girls
Harriet (Y6) – 3rd
Zara (Y6) – 6th

Under 12 Boys
Albert (Y6) – 14th

Under 14 Girls
Vivienne (Y8) – 2nd

Under 14 Boys
Mihir (Y9) – 2nd
Lukai (Y9) – 3rd
Zayd (Y8) – 4th
Ali (Y8) – 6th
Abhay (Y7) – 8th
Hunter (Y8) – 9th

Eltham College Head Coach of the Fencing Team, Silviu Florescu-Serban, shared his excitement: “The new members from last year trained hard and they managed to show good progress, going further in the competitions. We have had plenty of new joiners who were motivated by the dedication of our advanced fencers and signed up for their first competitions.”

We are very proud to see the incredible progress our students have made and continue to make, showcasing their unwavering dedication to fencing.