This year’s Lecture Competition Finals for Years 7, 8, and 9 showcased the incredible talent and hard work of our students. Each finalist, selected by their classmates, delivered an impressive lecture on a variety of thought-provoking topics.

Year 7’s topic: Travel Lectures

Our Year 7 students took us on a journey around the world with their travel-themed lectures. Finalist topics included:

  • Taj Mahal (winner – Izzy)
  • Dazzling Dubai
  • Escape to Someplace Nice
  • Myanmar
  • Brazil

Izzy’s insightful and engaging lecture on the Taj Mahal earned her the top spot for Year 7.

Year 8’s topic: Investigative Journalism

Year 8 students explored the world of investigative journalism, presenting on a diverse range of subjects that they felt passionate about. Finalist topics included:

  • Luke Littler
  • Social Media
  • AI and Robotics in the World of Today (winner – Ali)
  • The Royal Ballet School
  • De Winton’s Golden Mole

Ali’s deep dive into AI and Robotics stood out for its thorough research and compelling delivery, securing him the win for Year 8.

Year 9’s topic: Persuasive Lectures

Year 9 students demonstrated some incredible persuasive skills with lectures on targeting several social issues. Finalist topics included:

  • Why people should read more than they already do
  • Should there be a limit on how many children you have?
  • Why phones have changed humans for the worst (winner – Jamie)
  • Why we ought to endorse English and other language subjects for A-Level
  • Napoleon: Dictator or Hero

Jamie’s powerful argument on how phones have changed us resonated strongly with the judges and audience, earning him the top honour for Year 9.

Congratulations to all our finalists for their outstanding presentations and to our winners, Izzy, Ali, and Jamie, for their exceptional work. The Lecture Competition Finals were a testament to the dedication and creativity of our students, and we are incredibly proud of their achievements.