Junior Kangaroo Results

We are delighted to announce that a nine of our students received merits in this year’s Junior Kangaroo competition.

The Junior Kangaroo competition is a follow-on round to the Junior Maths Challenge (JMC). Entry to this competition is by invitation, based on achieving a qualifying score in the JMC. Each year, several thousand students from across the UK qualify for the Junior Kangaroo, with the top 25% being awarded a merit. This year, the threshold for qualification was 103 points.

The competition consists of a 60-minute, 25-question multiple-choice challenge that encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency. The problems are designed to be accessible yet challenging, even for those with more experience.

Well done to Albert (Y6), Alex (Y7), Avani (Y7), Vedant (Y7), Minhan (Y8), Kaiden (Y8), Noah (Y8), Nirvana (Y8) and Keyu (Y8). We are incredibly proud of you.