Eltham College is delighted to present NOW 2023, a group exhibition showcasing exciting new works by recent graduates from some of London’s finest art schools hosted at the renowned Gerald Moore Gallery, situated right on our school premises.

NOW 2023 features pieces by Abdulmohsen Al Bin Ali (Slade Fine Art MA), Syeda Aatika Fatima (RCA MA Painting), Angélique Nagovskaya (RCA MA Painting), Sean Synnuck (RCA MA Sculpture), Zinong Zhang (Goldsmiths, MFA), and Paula Zvane (CSM MA Fine Art).

The group exhibition will be on display from October 12th to November 25th, 2023, with a private view scheduled for Thursday, October 12th, from 4 – 8 pm.

This marks the third edition of NOW: New Original Work, with past exhibitions featuring talented artists like Josef Yaeger, Alexandra Searle, Hanne Peeraer, Krystle Patel, and Kainoa Gruspe.

The exhibition is open every Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm until November 25th, 2023, and by appointment on other days. You can book your free tickets here.

Abdulmohsen Al Bin Ali is a Saudi artist based in Dammam whose work investigates the correlations between the collective perception of nature and our place within it through myth and lore. His journey began when he moved to the UK in 2008 and began a painting practice. This led him to pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts, New York. The artist later completed a Master in Fine Arts from the Slade School of Art at University College London.

Syeda Aatika Fatima is a visual artist based in the United Kingdom. She completed her MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art and is a recipient of the Paul Desty Scholarship. She had completed her BA in Fine Arts from the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan and has since then moved permanently to England.
Most recently, Aatika’s work has revolved around the theme of privacy, focusing especially on what privacy means to us as people existing in a rapidly evolving digital age. Using varying perspectives and unusual shapes, Aatika explores this concept while imagining what a not-so-distant future could possibly look like.

Angélique Nagovskaya is a Canadian-American artist currently based in London. She graduated with a BFA in Fine Art and a BA in Art History from Cornell University prior to pursuing an MA at the Royal College of Art. Her work aims to evoke universal human experiences and emotions. Depicting figures without a clear identity, her works become representations of shared humanity.

Sean Synnuck is a Welsh artist based in London. He completed his BA at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2020 before studying MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Spanning anthropomorphic sculptures of teeth, geometric forms made from prosthetic skin, and participatory gameshow sets, Synnuck’s practice reflects on the self-regulation of image and behaviour in relation to senses of social inclusion and exclusion.

Zinong Zhang is a sculptor, fashion and future lover who lives and works in Shanghai and London. She graduated from Goldsmiths with an MFA Fine Art in 2023. Her practice investigates where complex multiplicity creates a space for blurring and reimagining linear and binary conditions into chaotic and disordered fluidity, where inconsistent and paradoxical entities coexist.

Paula Zvane works intuitively with myths and materials, expressing and mapping textures. finding inspiration in nature and its hierarchies and forms. She is creating connections between natural creatures and materials through tactile sensitivity, amalgamated in unseen combinations as a form of relation to explore and understand the unknown. The unfamiliar or hidden brought to light made common.

Gerald Moore Gallery is a young centre for modern and contemporary art with learning at its heart. Opened in April 2012, in Mottingham, the gallery is uniquely set within the grounds of Eltham College and is a valuable resource for the students and the local community. The gallery has gained momentum hosting some exciting exhibitions including works by Matisse, Louise Bourgeois and Cornelia Parker, whilst supporting emerging local artists. In unison with the exhibitions, the gallery’s outreach programme works with local community groups, teachers and schools, creating lasting relationships with our locality. Gerald Moore Gallery was made possible with the foresight and generosity of Old Elthamian, Dr Gerald Moore, many of whose works are archived at the gallery and who has a permanent exhibition on display.