At our Junior School Grow a Pound Fair, we met Ariana from Year 5, who was at her stand selling beautiful hand-painted candles that she had made herself. It was then that we wanted to know more about where the idea to sell hand-painted candles came from.

While Ariana has always had a deep love for art, it wasn’t until the Grow a Pound initiative was introduced that she found the perfect opportunity to merge her passion for art with her budding entrepreneurial spirit.

Inspired by the lovely hand-painted candles on Etsy and Not On The High Street, Ariana decided to make her own. Borrowing two John Lewis Anyday candles from her mum, she began her journey by hand-painting them and selling them to neighbours. With the money she made from these initial sales, and some additional investment from her parents, Ariana quickly turned her hobby into what we believe is a business with great potential, selling her hand-painted candles to family, friends, and neighbours.

Ariana’s candles have clearly been a hit, not only in her neighbourhood and at our Grow a Pound Fair but also at Beldi Maison, a lovely curated store in Bromley that sells her candles. However, her journey doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. With her mum’s help, she has already set up a store on Etsy called EverBelle Candles. While she’s yet to start selling online, we are excited to see where this venture takes her.

We are incredibly proud to see Ariana turning her passion into a business at such a young age, and we can’t wait to see EverBelle Candles grow.