Back in Easter, the Eltham College Parents Association gave each Junior School pupil a one-pound coin as seed money. Our pupils then had to ‘grow’ this pound in whatever way they saw fit. For example, by buying a sponge and washing cars or buying some hair bands and braiding their friends’ hair. Some pupils managed to grow the pound quite exponentially, which is why we call this biennial event the Grow a Pound Fair.

Each one of our pupils used their earnings to set up and prepare their stalls for the fair. Their stalls could be a continuation of what they did at home to grow their pound, or it could be something entirely different. Some of our pupils were seen today selling items at the fair like brownies, cupcakes, popcorn, and books, while others offered competitions and services like fake tattoos and throwing sponges at teachers.

At the end of the fair, all money raised (both at the fair and at home when the original pound was grown) is handed back to the Parents Association. The idea is that with the money raised, we buy things our pupils really want. In the past, we have purchased reading pods for the field, a friendship bench for the playground, and a big clock for the Junior School Hall.

This initiative not only encourages young entrepreneurship but also raises money for new resources for our pupils to use at school. We are proud of the creativity and hard work our Junior School pupils have shown and look forward to seeing their continued entrepreneurial spirit.