Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies


Our students are boundlessly curious and energetic so they love our clubs, societies and co-curricular activities.

This is their chance to take a part in a play, try fencing, join the brass ensemble, train with the Senior School’s professional sports coaches, or design an electric car.

There are clubs and activities every day, and taking part in them is not only great fun but also plays a key role in our student’s development. Dedication in practising a musical instrument, co-operation in a sports team, learning lines for a sketch and working to promote environmental awareness are all skills and attitudes that benefit them academically.

They build their personal skills too, helping them to grow into rounded, well-balanced young individuals who are ready for anything.


More detail about Clubs and Societies

Brights Critical Thinking Club Year 5 to 8 All year round
Chess Club Open to all Mr Ball
All year round
Cooking Club Year 3 and 4 Mrs Kolseth
Michaelmas Term
Cooking Club Year 5 and 6 Mrs Kolseth
Lent Term
Craft Club Year 3 to 5 Ms Harris
Diary Club Year 3 Mr Mitchell Morgan
All year round
Eco Club Open to all Ms White
All year round
Film Club Year 6 Mrs Wearmouth
Handwriting Club Year 5 Ms Johnson
All year round
Lego Robotics Year 6 Mr Whittaker
Mindfulness Year 3 and 4 Mrs Madduri
Photography Year 5 and 6 Mr Mitchell Morgan
Quiz Club Open to all Mrs Meier
All year round
Subject related
Art Club Year 5 and 6 Mrs Chamberlain
All year round
Art Club at Gerald Moore Gallery Open to all Mrs Meier
All year round
After School Touch Typing Open to all External Provider
Michaelmas Term
Book Club Year 6 and 7 Mrs Devon
From October to June
Coding Club Year 5 and 6 Mrs Sargeant
Michaelmas Term
Coding Club Year 3 and 4 Mrs Sargeant
Lent Term
Creative Writing Club Year 3 to 6 Ms Adelto
Mandarin Club Open to all Ms Pan
Science Club Year 3 Mrs Goakes
All year round
Spanish Club Year 3 to 6 Ms Connor
Math Games Club Year 3 Mr Oliver
Lunchtimes weekly, All year round
Minecraft Coding Club Year 3 to 6 Mr Ghaffar/Mr Mead



Latest News

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We are delighted to announce the successful reinstallation of ‘The Garden of Hope’ in the Guy Hughes Library at Eltham College Junior School.
Eltham College Junior School proudly opened its doors to prospective students and their families on Saturday, September 16th, for a day filled with excitement, exploration, and engagement.
We are thrilled to announce that our school’s award winning Every Name Matters initiative has gained press coverage in TES.