With the start of the Michaelmas Term now fully under way, we met with the new Head Prefects, Emily and David. The Sixth Form students discuss the application process, the importance of the role and their goals for the year ahead.

Why did you apply for the Head Prefect roles?

Emily -I applied for the role mainly because I have always looked up to the head girl myself as a role model and wanted the chance to be that for younger students. However, I also wanted the opportunity to continue and help implement the school’s positive environment. Receiving a gold badge was big plus as well.

David -I applied for Head Boy primarily because I wanted to make a difference in the school. I have always had much admiration for the head prefects of the past and some of them have been great role models for me too. I wanted to be a role model for others in the same way that they had been and so applied for the role that could facilitate this.

What did the application process entail?

David – The process began with writing a prefect application letter to the heads of sixth form. I also had an interview with one of these heads to talk about the role of a prefect more generally. While this was being processed, my peers and staff were able to nominate candidates that they felt would make good head prefects. From my statement, interview and the nominations, the heads created a short list of 4 candidates which would be interviewed, this time, by the headmaster. I was lucky enough to get short listed at this stage and so went for a friendly interview with the headmaster who ultimately decided that I was fit for the role of head prefect.

What was the thing that made you stand out?

Emily -Everyone has a special ability that will in one way, or another make them stand out. I believe I was able to grab the attention with the use of a less serious personal statement compared to my peers to reflect myself and way of working. I did this simply by comparing leadership to relatable, everyday actions to connect with the teachers reading my application. Being involved in the highly successful netball team and drama production helped along the way.

David – What I found useful when writing my statement was having a large bank of school experience behind me to prove that I was invested in the school. For example, I was able to talk about music, art, sport and drama, and how this wealth of experience proved that I could be a voice to all areas. I think diversity is the key.

What was the hardest part of the process?

David – I was very nervous for my interview with the headmaster and was afraid of being grilled or saying something wrong. However, as soon as I stepped into his office, I realised that there was no real reason to be concerned. The conversation felt natural, and the headmaster was very friendly.

Emily -I have always had confidence in my own abilities to carry out public speaking and leadership roles. However, in this process I found my confidence lacking when I was asked to write down on paper my strengths and capabilities. This I had to give a lot more attention to so that I came across in the right context.

What are you most looking forward to?

Emily -I’m looking forward to being an approachable face within the school community to help and encourage younger students to embrace all areas on offer and Eltham so they can enjoy their school years as much as I have. I also can’t forget about the ability now to wear the infamous Severus Snape gowns in Chapel.

David – I am looking forward to my breaktime meetings with the senior leadership team as I am certain that these discussions will be productive and serve as a means of making positive changes within the school community.

What do you want to achieve in your roles?

Emily -I hope to have a positive impact on the school and relay the note from all teachers so that students realise their own abilities and feel confident in reaching their goals whether that be on the hockey pitch or to become future head or girl one day.

David – I have lots of ideas and changes which could be made to the school community and personal aims of making good speeches etc. However, I think the biggest achievement I could reach as head boy would be to preserve the school’s existing spirit, which could not be replicated anywhere else in the world. We have a unique and wonderful school, and I would simply like to help students and teachers appreciate that.