Things just keep getting better.
“How can we get more Black people into Finance?” – a question discussed and answered by two Upper Sixth pupils as part of our Black History Month series of talks.They contrasted their Work Experiences and reflected on their understanding of diversity within the industry and it’s impact.They honed in on:1. The importance of aspiration and inspiration by seeing Black role models at higher levels in the industry,2. The importance of workplaces making long term commitments to making an inclusive environment3. School’s having the responsibility of challenging discrimination at the root in order to starve the pipeline of negative behaviours into professional spaces.4. Making Black pupils aware of opportunities which speak to their potential (with some great examples being SEO LondonRare Recruitment and @10000BlackInterns).
Mr Hammond comments – “This Black History Month at Eltham College has been a re-focus on Black British History and British stories. I look forward to the history these pupils will make.
It was so heart-warming of the Afro-Carribean Society Leaders to present our speakers, Joshua and Tim, with a momento to mark their brave contribution!”