This summer, our students achieved excellent results at both A Level and GCSEs – a reflection of their ability and resilience during the past two years as well as the school’s commitment to provide uninterrupted education during COVID.

At A Level,  44% of grades were A*, while 74% were either A*/ A. Nearly 90% of A Level grades were A*-B, ensuring that, in one of the most competitive years for university admissions ever, 96% of our students secured a place at their chosen university.


We also saw record numbers join music conservatoires, Art foundation courses and leading Drama schools, and in a wide range of degree courses from the Arts to STEM subjects and many others. These include Engineering, English, Drama, Music, Medicine, and Sports Science.

You can read more about our exam results here.

If you would like to register for Sixth Form entry in 2023, full details of our Admissions process and the registration form can be found here. *Please note that the registration deadline is Tuesday 1 November 2022.*