At Eltham College we encourage our students to treat each other with tolerance and kindness. Our ACT code encourages students to take positive action if they experience unkind behaviour:

Aspire for Change, and do not tolerate any form of bullying

Challenge negative behaviour

Talk about what has happened by reaching out to tell friends, family or a member of school staff. The Whisper app can also be used to report any incidents of bullying that have been experienced or witnessed.

For Anti-Bullying week 2022 Year 7 will be taking part in lessons to help them identify strategies for the prevention of bullying, including cyberbullying, and to understand the importance of speaking out against bullying.

Our Year 9 Anti-bullying Ambassadors meet every week, and will be leading a range of events throughout the school year to promote kindness, and to deliver an Anti-Bullying message.

You can read more on our wellbeing page, here.