Cashless Catering Senior School

Cashless Catering Senior School

Parent Infomation

Cashless Catering allows parents and carers the ability to add money to their children’s accounts via their existing student ID cards. Through this service parents are able to:

  • Pay money into their children’s accounts to be spent at breakfast service and at breaktime
  • View the Breakfast and Tuck Shop offer
  • View what their children have been buying


Register for the first time

1. Register your account using the ‘register’ button at the top of
2. Fill in the relevant fields (first name, last name, phone, email & password)
3. This will generate an authentication email. Please activate the link to allow the account to work
4. Log in using the email address and password


5. Add child button, input their first name, last name, school, year and class of the child
6. Repeat this process for additional children
7. You are now ready to top up your balance


Logging in to your account & Topping up the balance

1. Enter the same email address and password as the ones you registered with
2. Click on login which will take you to your account homepage
3. Please click on top up balance
4. This will redirect you to Judo Pay, the payment gateway provider
5. You will have the option to save the card details, for future top ups