Science Week continued with a line-up of more exciting events here at Eltham College. The day began with the Pi Recitation Competition, held at 1 pm in T03. Livingstone House was in the lead after their success in the Egg-Drop Challenge, but the other Houses were determined to catch up. The competition was intense as students recited as many digits of Pi as they could, with the winner being announced at the end of the day.

During lunchtime, students also had the opportunity to participate in Science and Maths activities in the KGH. As it was March 14th, also known as Pi Day, students were curious about what would be on the menu. It turned out to be an assortment of delicious pies, which were a hit with everyone.

At 1:30 pm in the Old Library, Ezana and Lucas presented their Symposium Talk on the topic of whether viruses are living organisms or not. The students were fascinated by the topic, and the presentation was both informative and engaging.

Science Week at Eltham College continues to inspire curiosity and interest in Science, thanks to the efforts of the teachers and the enthusiastic participation of the students.