This week, our Year 4 pupils showcased the creativity and flair during a special activity in which they had the opportunity to design and create their own pairs of slippers, adding their personal touch to every detail.

Our pupils let their imaginations run wild as they explored different designs, colours, and embellishments to bring their slippers to life. From bold patterns to intricate decorations, each pair reflected the style and personality of its creator.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the catwalk show, where our pupils proudly showcased their handmade slippers, turning the school corridor into a catwalk.

This activity not only has allowed our pupils to express their creativity but has also fostered teamwork and collaboration as they shared ideas and supported each other throughout the design process. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to unleash their imagination and showcase their talents in a fun and interactive way.

See the creations made by our 4RJ pupils below:

See the creations made by our 4NT pupils below:

See the creations made by our 4DT pupils below: