We are delighted to announce that once more the Eltham College fencing team made their way to Lee Valley for three gruelling days of individual competition at the 2024 National Public Schools Fencing Championships. Over 200 schools competed with well over 100 fencers in each discipline. Once more our students did fantastically well with many of them finishing in the top half of the country in their favoured sword.

After the morning poule sessions, students get drawn in accordance with their morning seed. On a total of nine occasions, our students found their way through to the top 36 in the country, with Vivvienne-Leigh registering a top 10 finish in the Mount-Haes Sabre to finish a superb week of fencing.

Boys Mount-Haes epee (102 Entrants) 
Lukai – 48th 
Hunter – 52nd 
Mihir – 61st 
Abhay – 70th
Ali – 84th  

Boys Junior epee (122 entrants) 
Felix – 88th
Mathew  – 117th

Girls Senior foil (25 entrants) 
Ava – 23rd.

Girls Mount-Haes foil (89 Entrants)
Vivienne-Leigh –  45th

Girls Mount-Haes epee (82 Entrants) 
Vivienne-Leigh – 36th

Boys Mount-Haes foil (98 Entrants)
Mihir  – 22nd
Peter – 35th
Abhay –  36th  
Lukai –  45th   
Hunter – 84th
Ali – 87th

Boys Junior foil (105 Entrants)
Felix – 93rd

Boys Mount-Haes Sabre (61 Entrants)
Lukai – 25th
Mihir – 26th 
Hunter – 36th

Girls Mount-Haes Sabre (21 Entrants)
Vivienne Leigh – 10th